Recommended Halal Food Choices to Try Now

The global Halal market is expected to prosper as the Muslim population grows to a significant 25% of the world total. Demand for Halal-certified and Muslim-friendly products, including food free from pork, alcohol or intoxicants, harmful ingredients and unsanitary elements, and meats slaughtered according to methods prescribed under the Islamic law, are growing.

In view of the gigantic potential market of Halal food, we have explored the following recommendations for traders’ selection:

Introducing packaged Halal food for a delicious self-made cuisine!

Health Harvest Food Limited: Bitter Honey

Halal certified, this rare and precious wild honey species exclusively available in tropical rainforests in Southeast Asia Region and is an organic choice for special dietetic therapy.

OWEVA CORP CO.,LTD.: Corn Milk Powder

Processed from supreme sweet corn, this is rich with corn milk nutrients such as vitamins and beta-carotene which treat the eyesight and skin, without sugar and creamer.


A favourite snack from Thailand, this cuttlefish flavoured cracker comprises of 40% fish meat and high protein content. It obtained certifications from ISO22000, GMP, HACCP and HALAL.

Brookfarm: Oatmeal

The power Porrij range is sugar free and fruit free. It loads with protein rich nuts, super grain and milled flaxseeds to power your day, with certifications from FDA and KOSHER.

Vezlon Ltd: Energy Drink

100% made in Austria, this non-alcoholic beverage uses natural quality components and water from the Alps and is HALAL certified. It is produced under strict HACCP and GMP guidelines and suitable for vegetarians.

The variety of Halal food products is boundless! As a business new to the market, it is always important to look for a trusted sourcing platform that safeguards product quality and provides reliable services.

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