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Dongguan Ours Industry Company Limited
Dongguan Ours Industry Company Limited

Dongguan Ours Industry Company Limited

Mainland China

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3D Printer
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  • Quickly and efficiently interface with design concepts; efficiently validate design fits, shapes and functions; higher design flexibility for fast operation through multiple design iterations; fewer production defects, better end products.
  • This machine uses the material accumulation principle to directly control the laser source to solidify the photosensitive resin from the 3D CAD data, helping you to achieve “mold-free manufacturing”.
  • High-precision printing, high surface quality, simple model data processing, easy operation interface, output model can be directly used for pressing mold, casting, and long metal disc life.
  • Mainly used in jewelry, watches, glasses, medicine, scientific research, teaching and other industries.
[OS-303] Germany imported UV light source

Product description
  • Using imported UV light source from Germany, the life of the light source is about 80,000 hours.
  • High working efficiency, making a height of 30mm in 2.5 hours.
  • UV cold light forming, Chinese and English operation interface, operating system is more optimized than imported German machine.
The material tray is inclined to reduce the tension between the workpiece and the material tray. The material tray adopts a metal disc to facilitate the installation of the printing film, saves a lot of materials, reduces the use cost, and has higher printing precision. The action shaft adopts German imported high-precision screw. Repeatable accuracy of 0.001mm, USB plug-in device, easy to operate, the system comes back to the end of the system after the machine has stopped, the control system supports the pause in the printing process, integrated computer design, no additional computer, the display uses embedded design The stability of the equipment is stronger than that of imported German machines.

The surface finish of the model meets the surface finish requirements of the jewelry industry (≤0.01mm).
  • Materials used: high hardness rubber mold resin, high precision casting wax, ceramic wax.

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