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RFQ ID: 1R00021UH



We are looking for high resistance pieces since we are a surfing and beach focused brand. The quality must be the best since we expect to deliver comfortable and flexible boardshorts that can adapt to the customers’ performance.

RFQ ID: 1R00021TK


Women’s swimwear

We are a surf and beach-focused company. We are looking for garments that are comfortable, flexible, quick drying and high quality. We are not interested in fashion swimwear, but more basic, sports-like compositions (as seen in the pictures) that are resistant accordingly to our costumers’ performance.

RFQ ID: 1R00021SN


Korean fashion

Need Korean fashion for women

RFQ ID: 1R00021RQ


hardware tools accesories

we require tct saw blades,marble cutter,cutting wheel in our brand

RFQ ID: 1R00021QT


Diagnostic laboratory

Auto Biochemistry analyser sy-sl120 under $1500 usd

RFQ ID: 1R00021M5



Respected sir I'm pankaj from ludhiana (Punjab) I have order Regarding sport shoes Casual shoes Formal shoes etc

RFQ ID: 1R00021JE



Hello. I live in karachi, Pakistan. Im a wholesaler of chinese scarves in my city. I want to know if anyone can quote me price of these scarves with shipping and everything. And preferably who is already shipping to pakistan. Thanks MOQ 1000pcs

RFQ ID: 1R00021IH

El Salvador


1. I want to know if the supplier is willing to send samples prior to placing larger orders. 2. The supplier is willing to send a Certificate of Origin to support the FTA with EL SALVADOR. 3. That the sale is FOB. to warehouses of my freight forwarders 4. Please only good quality, good price. Thank you

RFQ ID: 1R00021HK


Print Paper

I like to know the minimum ordering quantity

RFQ ID: 1R00021GN


Sofa Cover/Towel

Hello there, I would like a quote from a factory/manufacturer. Please NO trading companies. I have my own design that I would like printed on the fabric. I also want a trim created from my design as well. The item will be reversible and machine washable. I would also like to visit the factory in near future; I can even visit to finalize samples if necessary. Thank you.

RFQ ID: 1R00021ET



Home Use folding Ladders

RFQ ID: 1R00021DW


Agricultural machinery parts

We are in Brazil. We are looking for new products to offer for agricultural machinery industries (not tractor). Which products would you offer? Thank you

RFQ ID: 1R00021A5


Lithium batteries

Sourcing jump starter and spare power sources for consumer electronics, outdoor LED lighting and other products that need to be charged on the go.

RFQ ID: 1R000217E


GIft box for watches

Alloy quartz watches Plastic gift box for watches

RFQ ID: 1R000216H



My customer in Turkey is looking for hammocks - their style is similar to West Elm in the US

RFQ ID: 1R000215K


Kidswear clothing

I had a requirement for high quality kidswear clothing manufacturing in small batches.

RFQ ID: 1R000214N


a wig tool

We are looking for a wig tool that picks up pins at the tip and a hook that removes pins. The products is like a pen that has a magnet as the tip of it and a hook at the top. There is a thread piece that connect the pen together with the grey bit is and a groove ok the pen for when you hold it. The shape of a pen with a magnet at the bottom. The pen is 12cm long. We have included an image of the item I want to make, could advise if you could make a mould of this product? If so please advise how much the cost of mould?

RFQ ID: 1R000213Q


Unique product selling shop

Please share price details of all available product related to my categories. Please share payment terms and conditions also.

RFQ ID: 1R000211W

Viet Nam


looking for business challenges

RFQ ID: 1R00020Z3


sat receiver

hi, i need to buy big quantity of iks renewal codes for sat receiver servers / forever code / gshare code / iks code

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