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Digital Heat Technology Ltd.
Digital Heat Technology Ltd.

Digital Heat Technology Ltd.

Hong Kong

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Body Temperature Monitoring System
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Body Temperature Monitoring System comes with temperature monitor pads and a relay station.
The Temperature Monitor Pad is made of silicone, which ensures maximum comfortable and stable contact with the child’s skin to which the pad is attached. It can be stuck on any part of the body without causing any discomfort or inducing the child to rip it off.
The relay station is especially useful for parents without a smartphone. Also connected with the Temperature Monitor Pad via Bluetooth, the relay station displays essential information apart from the child’s temperature, including room temperature, time, and statistic chart.
Mobile app is also available for family members to monitor the child's body temperature around the clock.
This product wins Gold Medal at Asia International Innovative Invention Award 2019.
Product Setup
The bendable pad is equipped with a built-in solid-state battery and Bluetooth function, which enables the sending of remote messages to your mobile phone or the relay station.
Product Features of Temperature Monitor Pad
  • Ultra-safe, flexible, super-thin and skin-friendly. Zero chance of battery leakage or explosion.
  • Bendable solid-state battery
  • Bluetooth mode
  • Skin-friendly silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Size: 40mm * 69mm


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