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Final Audio ag X Dragon Ball Z (GOKU) True Wireless Headphones By FedEx
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US $1.00 - US $298.98
Production Lead Time:
1 day(s)
Shipping Method:
Final Audio ag X
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***Final Audio ag X Dragon Ball Z (GOKU) True Wireless Headphones By FedEx***

Free Fed-ex Shipping to USA,Canada,UK,Germany,Australia,Japan !!!
【DRAGONBALL Z x Final Audio】
"Dragon Ball Z" and Final Audio collaborated to launch a joint headset. The earphone prompts are originally recorded by the voice actors of Sun Wukong (CV: Masako Nozawa) and Bida (CV: Ryo Horikawa), and the designs of the earphones, charging box, and packaging box are all new and original.
  • New original design earphones and charging case
  • Original design packaging reminiscent of the first battle between Goku and Bida
  • The earphone prompts are re-recorded by the voice actors responsible for Sun Wukong (CV: Masako Nozawa) and Bida (CV: Ryo Horikawa)
  • Sound quality adjustment suitable for watching animation
  • Up to 22 hours of music playback
  • Newly drawn packaging
    The packaging is themed around the moment before the fight begins, with Goku and Bida staring at each other against the wild backdrop of their first fight. Two Ver. packs allow you to reproduce battle scenes.

    Voice prompt  Goku Ver. )
    • When the headset is powered on: Ossu! Ora Goku (Hi! I'm Goku)
    • When the headphone power is turned off: Baibai minna... (Goodbye! Everyone...)
    • When in tethered pairing mode: Yoshi, itcho yattemikka (well, let's try it out)
    • When pairing is complete: Ora wakuwaku shitekitazo (I'm so excited)
    • After completing the connection and pairing and using it: Ka…Me…Ha…Me…Ha….!!! (Kamepo Qigong!!)
    • When pairing is disconnected: Krillin no Kotoka - - -!!! (Did you mean infinite!!)

    Voice Guidance ( Bida Ver. )
    • When the earphones are powered on: Ore wa Super Vegeta da!! (I am Super Vegeta da!!)
    • When the headphone is powered off: Fun, sukini shiro… (Hmph! Whatever you want…)
    • When entering online matchmaking mode: Gambare Kakarot (Come on! Kakarot...)
    • When pairing is completed: Omae ga Number 1 da (You are number one in the world, no one can compare!)
    • When the connection and pairing are completed and the state is in use: Final Flash!!!! (Ultimate Flash)
    • When pairing is canceled: He! Kitanee Hanabi da (Hmph! Ugly fireworks!)

Bequator Corporation Ltd

Bequator Corporation Ltd

Hong Kong

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