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Production Lead Time:
30 day(s)
Shipping Method:
To be Arranged after Payment
Age Group:
Net Weight:
3g x 30 packs
150mm x 150mm x 100mm
Patented broccoli extract (with NMN), Grape skin extract (resveratrol), Onion extract (containing quercetin), White grapefruit juice powder, Cordyceps powder, DL- Malic acid
The Product is manufactured through the monitoring and achieved the Certification of NSF-GMP US, FDA, HACCP, ISO9001 ande ISO22000
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In simple terms, there is a coenzyme called NAD+ in the human body, which is distributed in all cells of the human body and is an important substance for the cell repair system. However, with age, the content of NAD+ decreases after the age of 20, causing Symptoms of physical aging include: Immunity disorders; Memory decline; Cardiovascular dysfunction; Poor sleep quality; Impaired hearing and vision; Cognitive and motor dysfunction;

Dr David A. Sinclair, professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, has shown that NMN can be converted into NAD+ in the body by absorbing NAD+ precursor NMN to achieve anti-aging effects, which can help soothe, improve, and prevent aging-related physiology. condition. 

Highly anti-oxidant; Helps increase NAD+ content in the body; Helps repair cells; Increases skin cell energy; Helps cells to remove toxins; Enhances cell immunity; A variety of phytochemicals help prevent cancer

Helps activate youth protein Sirtuin (including longevity gene SIRT1 that helps prolong cell lifespan); Antioxidant and anti-aging; Has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties; Helps inhibit free radical proliferation and lipid peroxidation; Helps promote metabolism

Quicksilver Co Ltd

Quicksilver Co Ltd

Hong Kong

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