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Allied Good International Limited


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Needle retractable safety syringe
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US $0.11 - US $0.12
Production Lead Time:
30 day(s)
Shipping Method:
Shipping /Air freight
This product is suitable for subcutaneous or intramuscular injection.
Needle matching: 0.4*13RWLB, 0.45*13RWLB, 0.45*15RWLB, 0.5*15TWLB, 0.5*20TWLB, 0.5*25TWLB, 0.55*15TWLB, 0.55*20TWLB, 0.6*20TWLB, 0.6*2 5TWLB, 0.6*30TWLB, 0.7*25TWLB, 0.7*30TWLB, 0.7*38TWLB, 0.8*30TWLB, 0.8*38TWLB, 0.9*30TWLB, 1.2*30TWLB, 1.2*38TWLB
Unique auto-destruct function, exclusive patent protection and WHO PQS certificates
Model No.:
0.05ml, 0.1ml, 0.3ml, 0.5ml, 1ml, 2-3ml, 5ml, 10ml
Needle gauge 18G/19G/20G/21G/22G/23G/24G/25G/26G/27G/29G/30G, Also available with other needle size on request
Sterile: By EO gas, Non-Toxic, Non-Pyrogenic
CE and ISO13485 and FDA
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1. Product characteristics

Intravenous injection and subcutaneous injection are one of the conventional treatment methods. It is needed in hospital treatment, and various treatment methods in major medical institutions need to use syringes, and the product is in great demand. After the pull-back self-destruct syringe is used, pull back the core rod, and the pull-back part will deflect in the syringe, so the needle will also deflect, and it will not be pushed out of the syringe again, so it is safer to use.

2. Product composition 

The product is composed of a coat, a core rod, a piston, a connector with a needle, a sealing ring, an injection needle, an injection needle sheath and a hand press; Made of polypropylene, natural rubber, austenitic stainless steel (304), ABS, silicone; Ethylene oxide sterilized for single use only. After use, the injection needle can be pulled back to the outer sleeve, and then the core rod can be broken to make the syringe self-destruct.

3. Product benefits

(1). Fingers stay behind the needle at all times
(2).Non-exposure of needle after manual retraction
(3).Requires minimum training
(4).No add-on pieces allows for low angle injections
(5).Retract speed under control – no splatter after activation
6).Competitive price advantage over other safety technologies

4. How to use 

Pull plunger back


Snap off the plunger


Allied Good International Limited

Allied Good International Limited

Hong Kong

Exporter, Manufacturer, Wholesaler

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