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Easy Orange B.V.


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Screw Magnet
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  • The gadget of the year! The Screwmagnet, a super strong magnet that can be clipped to your trouser pocket, belt or anywhere else. An ideal auxiliary during your work.
  • The Screwmagnet is an invention of the founders of Qblades. During construction work, the use of a magnet was quite convenient. They elaborated this further, with the “Screwmagnet” as a result.
  • The Screwmagnet is fitted with a ferrite magnet. This super strong magnet has a bearing strength of 25lg or 11.3 Kilo so it can handle quite a bit of weight. A super convenient auxiliary to, for instance, hang screws on. Or what about different bits, if you need to switch them continuously. A screwdriver, a hammer, anything up to the mentioned weight will keep hanging on it.
  • After testing the Screwmagnet, no problems were found with pacemakers, defibrillators or magnet cards (bank card). Still we advise to keep these away from the Screwmagnet.
  • Material: Metal
  • Feature 特色: Tool

Easy Orange B.V.

Easy Orange B.V.



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