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​United States Trademark Registration
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United States Trademark Registration
The legal basis of the United States trademark is “The Lanham Act”. The United States is a member of the Paris Convention and the Madrid Protocol. A federal trademark application is filed at the USPTO, based on Use in Commerce, Intent to Use or foreign application under certain international agreements.
Principle of Protection
The United States adopts first-to-use basis for trademark protection.
Validity Period and Renewal
A trademark registration is valid for 10 years from the date of registration and could be renewed for 10 years before the expiry date.
Required Information and Documents
(1)    A duly completed trademark search/registration order form (to be provided by Kaizen).
(2)    A soft copy of the trademark in JPEG format (device mark).
(3)    A copy of identity proof of the applicant (passport for individuals and Business Registration Certificate/Certificate of Incorporation for companies).
(4)    A copy of Certificate of Registration in home country (foreign application under certain international agreements).
(5)    Specimens of use and Statement of Use in each class (Use in Commerce or Intent to Use).
Duration of the Official Receipt
It usually takes about 1 week to receive the official filing receipt.
Duration of Application
Currently it takes about 9 - 16 months to get a trademark registered in United States in a smooth case.

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