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Shenzhen Precision Eyewear Testing & Inspection Services Co Ltd
Audit & Inspection Service 质量管理体系审核服务
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作为买家,最大的期望是制造商或供应商能按时、按质、按量交货,这必然要求这样的供应商无论从品质系统社会行为,以及经营管理水平均应达到一定的水准, 同时各地相关法律法规及国际买家的要求也日趋严格。企业需要一个快速高效的方案来确保履行遵守法规和买家要求的承诺。
质量管理系统 (QMS) 
质量管理系统是对企业的生产过程中与质量有关的活动进行检查, 以确定其对规定要求的符合性及所实施的管理体系满足规定目标的有效性,包括工厂资源, 从开发至出货整个制程质量监控, 供应商管理,不合格品及客户投诉等异常处理, 文件管理, 记录控制等,提交审核结果为买家者采取措施提供了决策依据/信息。
企业社会责任( CSR) 
CSR/ QMS Audit Service
As a buyer, the greatest expectation is that suppliers deliver products of the highest quality, correct quantities and to ship on the agreed dates. Thus, it is of the utmost importance to select the best supplier. Meanwhile, with laws & regulations updated strictly and buyers’ requirements promoted gradually, suppliers need to meet certain standards not only in their quality-system social behaviors but also within their management operations. For which, prompt and efficient solutions are becoming increasingly necessary to enterprises.
PEL’s qualified audit staff, with professional knowledge and rich experience, offers you holistic audit services to meet difference codes of conduct and quality management system.
Main audit services include:
Quality Management System (QMS)QMS is conducted towards production process and quality-related activities to make sure the conformity of its regulations and the effectiveness of its management-system targeted requirements. It includes factory resources, data quality monitoring from exploiting to shipment, management of suppliers, exception handling of disqualified product and clients’ complain, file management, record control and so on; submitting audit results as decision basis/ information to managers’ next action-making.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)PEL conducts audits of labors’ rights, working conditions, environmental protection towards suppliers and other cases required in the relevant laws and regulations, according to different countries’ laws and regulations as well as various brands’ specific codes of conduct. It includes child labor, voluntary labor, discrimination, minimum wage, working conditions, working hours, social benefits, environmental protection, health and safety, punishment measure and so on; ensuring your suppliers fully comply with social responsibility issues.

Shenzhen Precision Eyewear Testing & Inspection Services Co Ltd

Shenzhen Precision Eyewear Testing & Inspection Services Co Ltd

Guangdong, Mainland China

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