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Baishan Economic Development Zone
Come and Invest in Baishan
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Jinlin Baishan Economic Development Zone is located in the southwest of Changbai Mountain and the north of Hunjiang River in Baishan City. The control area for the economic development is 100.7 square km. By 2012, 57 enterprises of all types were set up, among which 10 were of a bigger scale. The gross value of production in 2012 was 4.86 billion yuan, the increased value of the big scale enterprises were 1.986 billion yuan, with the financial income of all companies 900 million yuan.
Baishan Economic Developing Zone has become the new economic growth point of Baishan City, and it is also the platform of the city to attract investment, because of its well-equipped facilities, strong project supporting abilities and abundant resources. Specialty resources: In the zone, specialty resources, such as ginseng, American ginseng, schisandra chinensis, wood frog, edible wild herb and edible fungi, can be used to develop a green healthy industry. Mineral water: The spring here is one of the world’s 3 natural ones which are rich in quality mineral, and the city is praised as an international city of mineral water. Mineral resources: the city has rich storage of limestone, quartz sandstone, dolomite, ironstone, diatomaceous earth, white bind, china stone, gyp, etc. Forest resources: the forest coverage has reached 83%, and is one of our country’s main wood production area. Electric power resources: within the area, machines are installed with a capacity of 1 million kw, and an annual power generation of 6 billion kwh. Tourism resources: the area has Changbai Mountain, Grand Canyon of Yalu River, Songhua River, hot spring resort, China-DPRK border, etc. Policy environment: policies of importing capital and private economy are favorable with the advantage in the form of tax, land and reward, and investors are supplied with the most convenient, fastest and most considerate services in the way of so called “one straight line”, “one stop” and “all weather” services.
In the following five years, we are going to implement the industrial structure of “three, five and two”, that is to emphasize the theme of promoting the economy, make the change of the economic developing mode as a principle, and innovate the mechanism for motivating people, in order to greatly cultivate new industries. We are going to spare no effort to promote the updating of traditional industries, and to produce “five featured parks” and “eight key industries”, so as to carry out our second chance of pioneering.
Jingyu Ecologic Health Park of Baishan is located in the east of Jingyu, Baishan, with a planned area of 14.6 square meters, a favored location and a convenient transportation system. It was rated by Jilin Province as one of the four medicine industrial parks, and one of the six ginseng industrial parks. According to the idea of “high plan, quality construction, efficient operation, absolute high-tech, great development” , we are building a grand health industry demonstration area with the recyclable projects such as Modern Chinese medicine production and phytoextraction industries, supported by the plantation of northern herb, fine processing of Chinese herbal medicine, health products, logistics, education and research, as well as the ecological health tourism. In the future, we are going to make it an important economic spot of southeast Jinlin Province, the industrial concentration of the city’s sustainable development and the national industrial development zone.
As a famous specialty city, an international mineral spring city and a place enjoyable for living, Baishan Economic Developing Zone sincerely welcomes you to visit!

Baishan Economic Development Zone

Baishan Economic Development Zone

Jilin, Mainland China


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