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The Bureau of Economic & Technical Cooperation of Longshan District
Come and Invest in Longshan
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Longshan District is located in the downtown Liaoyuan City, along the scenic bank of Dongliao River. It covers an area of 226 square kilometers and governs a town, a village, eight street offices and an industrial development zone with a total population of 300,000. It is the political, economic, cultural, transportation and trade center of Liaoyuan City
With a tolerant attitude, Longshan people are open. They work hard to accept diversity with their broad mind and enterprising spirit like the sea admitting all rivers. The implementation of "five strategies" and "four platforms" provide new power for Longsan’s great cultivation, huge construction and big development. The rapid rise of Longshan Industrial Zone has built up a solid platform for the development and growth of the industrial economy. For example, an industrial park for automotive trading is taking shape, which has become the city's leading industry in automobile trade service. A reconstruction of the old urban area and building new city are simultaneously carried out so that the urban area could carry more of the modern service industry. An integration of rural urbanization and construction of the industrial park will provide better supporting services for further industrial development.
Full of vigor and vitality, Yongsan District is at a new starting point of development. There are endless business opportunities with bright prospects here. Industrious, honest and hospitable Longshan citizens sincerely welcome people within the country or from abroad to visit, invest or to do business in Longshan. Let’s work together and create a bright future for all of us!

The Bureau of Economic & Technical Cooperation of Longshan District

The Bureau of Economic & Technical Cooperation of Longshan District

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