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Come to invest in Kuancheng
Come to invest in Kuancheng
The 1st is obvious advantage of location:
Kuancheng District is located in the core node of the first level axis from Harbin city to Dalian city which is confirmed by the northeast revitalization plan, located in the main axis of the forerunner area of Changjitu program. It is the forward position of the forerunner in northeast Changchun, Kuancheng district is the regional focusing point and growth-pole of the recent round development of economy.

The 2nd advantage is convenient traffic network:
As the site of The CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and The People’s Government of Jilin province, Kuancheng District is the most significant portal and external window of Changchun City., is the area with the most sufficient traffic resources of Changchun City.

The 3rd is broad space for development:
Kuancheng District has a provincial level development zone approved by the Chinese Central Government with an approximate area of 100 square kilometers, completed fundamental facilities, excellent ecological environment, the flat land tendency, the rich space, the sufficient labor force resources and the clear industrial functional subareas, all of which make Kuancheng District a industrial load supporting base with the most superiority, potential and vitality of Changchun City.

The 4th is solid industrial foundation:
Kuancheng District is the industrial base with long history, the industries of supportive parts for walking machinery, metallurgy mechanism, electric equipments started earlier. With the implementation of the development strategy of “The New Northern City” in Changchun, the developmental subarea for products of facilities, logistic park and ecological park have been set up. The development pattern is featured by the high intensity of industry-linked and assembling-effect.

The 5th is perfect service system:
15 external service departments, which have been set up in the Governmental Affairs Hall, offering top quality services to each investment program and settled enterprise throughout the process of bringing in, constructing, operating and obtaining profits. Furthermore,a lot of Basic Service Stations have been built up to serve small and medium-sized enterprises.
The development of Kuancheng District needs your support. We sincerely embrace the friends from all over the world for enlarging economic & trade exchange, and we trust that we can create a brighter future by our cooperation.

The Economic & Technological Cooperation Bureau of Kuancheng District, Changchun City

The Economic & Technological Cooperation Bureau of Kuancheng District, Changchun City

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