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Businsoft Limited
Customer Communication Application
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  • Communication applications have been common around the world, in which the most famous ones are WeChat, WhatsApp, Line, etc. These instant communication applications do in a great extent facilitate the exchange of information as well as encourage communication between people. Let us not consider something big. In fact, have you ever thought of the possibility of having a communication messenger designed specifically for your company? It does not only help smoothing communication between employees, but also contains elements of communication management. It can also be consistent with the mode of operation of your company which enables further acceleration of the company’s development in a competitive market.
  • Information management is no recent use for many industries. A lot of work have to be completed through the Internet, and mobile phones have become indispensablefor most people.Work efficiency is critical for the management of a company, and operating a company using mobile phones would be the top of the trend. Here comes to the time to start action!
  • Why is a separate communications software neccesary?
  • An independent comapny communications software can enhance the corporate image. Employees would also be aware that the application is only for work purposes, thus there is no possiblity that he/she will get confused with the company and personal messages. At the same time, employees can also communicate with colleagues working in different branches or even in different regions.
  • Co-operates with company management
  • On the basis of mobile communication programs, different management functions can be added, such as customer relationship management, work organization, personnel management, sick-leave management, company news release, enterprise resource management.
  • Objective
  • To facilitate business communication, help users to manage information and grasp business opportunities
  • Application: smartphones, Andriod / IOS platform
  • * You can use 2G, 3G, 4G network or via Wi-Fi connection
  • – Permanent sign-in
  • – User’s choice on theme color
  • – Professional App Logo design
  • – Registration by phone number.
  • – User Profile Display (gender, name, e-mail, personal picture)
  • – SMS Authentication (services charge varies according to service providers)
  • – Message delivery/receiving
  • – Recording delivery to facilitate communication
  • – Video transmission
  • – Photo delivery/receiving
  • – GPS positioning, real-time transmission of user’s location
  • – Map Location Sharing
  • – Contact information transmission
  • – Conversations saving
  • – Message tone selection
  • – Quick keyword search in conversations
  • – Unseen message reminder
  • – Show unread message count
  • – Offline messages receiving
  • – Chat History
  • – Blacklist management
  • – Synchronization with contact book
  • – Instant news receiving relating to the industry of the company
  • – Push notification: instant message delivery to other users
  • – Backstage: User list
  • – Language availability (include basic Chinese, English)
  • Features
  • Quick transmission speed, safe

Businsoft Limited

Businsoft Limited

Hong Kong

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