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Artron Printing Corporation
Digital Printing
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  • With the increasing diversification of customers’ printing needs, Artron has been actively introducing advanced digital printing systems.
  • In Artron, digital printing is more than a supplement to offset printing, but an extension of new business modes like individuality and changeable data.
  • Artron digital printing has the following characteristics compared traditional printing:
  • Instantaneity--prints that take two to five days through traditional printing can be produced in hours through digital printing, which can meet customers’ instantaneity need to the max.
  • Flexibility--print content may be changed any time, and two consecutive pages may be totally different, the printing number, one at least, is flexible, and the unit printing cost does not increase with the printing number, printing may be conducted smoothly in other places, without visiting printing enterprises, customers may exchange data with enterprises through network systems to output prints.
  • Individuality--digital printing can differently meet customers’ individualized needs for making individualized business cards, wedding invitations, personal wall calendars, desk calendars, greeting cards, yearbooks, family albums, marriage albums, design portfolios, etc.

Artron Printing Corporation

Artron Printing Corporation

Guangdong, Mainland China

Service Company

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