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Eyescream Studio
Duda and Dada Licensing
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11’’ x 26’’
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The story all starts with the reckless Duda running around the fanatically yelling “Duuuudddaaaaa~” to encounter the young-brave-explorer, ‘Dada’ who owns a camping car that magically flies in the air and floats on water to explore the world. Deep friendship builds among Duda who finds life on surface absolutely astonishing, Dada who desires to complete the exploration map, and the rest of the unknown forest friends. As Dada’s empty parts of the map fills up, young Duda also awakens to see the world wider and deeper. Since Jan 2014, EBS (Korea's National Educational Broadcasting Station) aired Duda and Dada which recorded '#1 Best Rating' among all young children's programs in the same time period. With this popularity, it is not only being distributed rapidly to other channels but as well, within 6-month time frame from show release, more than 300 merchandise contracts were signed with 40 companies, already launching more than 50 of children's favorite products on store shelves to this point (June 2014).
  • TV series animation.
  • Co-production partner: EBS.
  • Target age: 3-7 years.
  • Adventurous edutainment.
  • Aired on EBS Dec 2013 - May 2014.

Eyescream Studio

Eyescream Studio

Korea, Republic Of

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