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Qingdao Fubo Network Technology Co., Ltd.
E-Learning Online Education System
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The emergence of the cloud computing, a SaaS platform, s mobile platform and the SNS social networking has shown the arrival of e-commerce, Internet and mobile eras. The longing for knowledge is one of the most primitive desires in every era. People want to know how to get the education information faster, more targeted and more effective and integrate education resources, and release course information available. The remote education implementation is the trend of the times in this era. In this case, e-learning arises at the historic moment. The first letter of e-learning is the abbreviation of electronic. The e-learning online education system is a system of learning through electronic equipment. As the computer application has become common in this era, the e-learning online education system becomes an online education system that takes the computer as a tool and combines it with the Internet application for development, implementation, courseware production and maintenance. The e-learning online education system caters to two groups: managers personal and business and learners.
  • Manager: upload courseware/collection of learning situation/track learners.
  • Learner: choose single or series of courseware for learning according to their own needs.

Qingdao Fubo Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Fubo Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Shandong, Mainland China

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