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E-commerce Portals Development
E-commerce Portals Development
  • Most e-commerce platforms offer a plethora of features that covers almost everything that you want in your site. Almost always, it would have more than the features you would typically need for your online store. They are customizable, stable, and highly usable and offer unprecedented flexibility and control.
General features:
  • Soothing color scheme of the site with corporate look combination with 1-2 different design templates to be shown before finalizing the design (with backgrounds suitable to your nature of the business).
  • On selection of the template, fine tuning will b done on the design of the same and then a flow for the navigation of website with products display, shopping cart addition etc., will be shown in HTML design without programming. Once flow of the website is through with changes and modifications, programming will be done to complete the functional website.
Website display:
  • Display of selected products along with all categories from database on home page.
  • Display of all products along with category, sub category, product details dynamically from database.
  • Display of products with details from database, features, description, price, product image, product multiple images, download papers etc.
  • Product search with category wise, product name/model no. wise search facility on website.
  • Display of all static pages like about us, contact us, enquiry, etc.
  • Shopping cart integration.
  • Add to cart logic for the users to buy the products from website.
  • View cart logic for users to view/edit/delete the products and quantity from shopping cart.
  • User registration before placing the order.
  • Product shipment details.
  • Integration of 1 payment gateways for the online shopping.
  • Admin module of the website.
User management:
  • Forgot password facility for admin.
  • Admin can set passwords for each users.
Product management:
  • Manage product category – add/edit/delete category.
  • Manage product sub category-add/edit/delete sub category with respect to a product category.
  • Manage product-add/edit/delete product with respect to a product category and sub category – manage product form will have many other details like product model no., description, price, product image (big and small, which will be programmatically transformed into a small image), any other details to be displayed on the website.
  • Single image upload facility with each product.
  • Active/de active status of the product – which determines if the product has to be displayed on the website or not.
  • Special product/home page display of the product which can determine the nature of the product and can put them into specific zones on the website.
  • Product delete facility and category and sub category deletion possible only if they are not used by any product.
  • List of category, sub category, products with various searches and options of display to be defined by the users dynamically.
  • Order management: orders received from website with their detail.
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Primetech Software


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