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Aska Technology Ltd
Electric Remote Gas Meter
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Type of Payment:
50% T/T Deposit, Balance by T/T
Minimum Order Quantity:
1,000 unit(s)
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ASKA Electric Remote Gas Meter
  • Is an automatic meter reading.
  • The Gas Meter has automatically collecting consumption, diagnostic, and status data from gas devices and transferring that data to a central database for billing, troubleshooting, and analyzing.
  • This technology mainly saves utility providers the expense of periodic trips to each physical location to read a meter.
  • Another advantage is that billing can be based on near real-time consumption rather than on estimates based on past or predicted consumption. This timely information coupled with analysis can help both utility providers better control the production of gas usage consumption.
System Composition
  • Mainly composed of a computer cloud server, a GPRS concentrator, a handheld meter reading device, and a wireless remote gas meter.
System Feature : 
  • Strong Timeliness, Remote Control, Wide Range of Data Connect, .... etc.
  • GPRS transmission has a high degree of data security and accuracy. No special wiring, less early investment, quick results, late upgrades, lowest maintenance costs, the equipment is easy to install and maintain;
  • The Wireless Remote Gas Meter has automatic networking and routing. Which saves a huge number of installations
  • Prepaid Price Adjustment Function
  • The gas meter can receive and respond to the "gas price adjustment" command issued by the concentrator or handset. According to the actual application, it can be divided into two kind of function: "immediate adjustment" and "timing adjustment".
Ladder Gas Price Function:
  • The gas price can be divided into four grades according to the volume of gas used.
  • The parameters can be set. No matter the pre-paid method or the post-paid method can achieve the ladder gas price function. It effectively responds to the announcement of the National Development and Reform Commission.

Aska Technology Ltd

Aska Technology Ltd

Hong Kong

Distributor, Export Agent, Import Agent, Manufacturer

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