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Food Consumption Analysis System
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The food waste problem is the big issue all over the world. The root cause is undistributed cooking food that takes up 23% food waste proportion. It is a service which can predict the amount of food that will be consumed in a cafeteria. For cafeteria users, Muglau delivers information (push alarm) about the menu (images, nutrients, country of origin) and enables them to analyze their food consumption history. For food providers, Muglau forecasts the amount of food that will be consumed and sets up a communication channel to collect consumer opinions.
  • We give today’s menu to consumer before making food, then they check eat or not comfortably. Nutritionist (Chefs) can see this data, so they know how many proper amount of food ingredients will be needed.
  • As a result, the actual number of eating is only about 70% this causes a large amount of food waste.
  • This is a service which prevents the waste of finances (food ingredients, cooking time, disposal of food wastes) and environmental problem.



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