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Shenzhen Airfact Industrial Co., Ltd.
Green Internet Data Center Solution
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Airfact Ltd provides reliable and energy-saving solutions of air conditioning system for IDC rooms and racks after sever years of developing and on site testing. These solutions could be applied to solve the cooling situation with the high energy-consuming and high power density enclosures. Apply the integrating IDC room which contains about 20 racks of the integration system of air conditioners, power distribution, UPS, control system with cabinet and sealing component to decrease the investment and shorten the construction duration dramatically.
  • These products are also suitable for normal low density IDC but with high density zone to solve the central cooling problem.
  • The cooling in row solution is more suitable for the middle and big size of IDC with more than 20 high energy consuming.
  • Such solution could better prevent the mix between cooling air and hot air to increase the cooling efficiency.
  • The module design is also much easier to expand when demanded in the future AIRFACT IDC cooling solution provides the possibility for the better efficiency and lower costs as the density increasing function and characteristics.
  • The rack-oriented airflow paths are even shorter and exactly defined, so that airflows are totally immune to any installation variation or room constraints.
  • A rack-oriented design allows cooling capacity and redundancy to be targeted to the actual needs of specific racks.
  • Rack-oriented could be supplied in solving high density racks, or ultra-high density racks.
  • Allows elimination of the raised floor, Immune to room effects; rack layout may be completely arbitrary. Lower capital expense and shorter time to build up
  • Reasonable, strong stability structure and appearance, fit with racks perfectly.
  • EC fans, linear control of the load. An N+1 design is assumed.
  • Proportional valve control of chilled water flow to fulfill different working conditions.
  • G4 air filter to ensure the cleanliness standards for racks, and the differential pressure sensor will output an alarm when the filter dirty enough.
  • No condensation water working conditions.
  • AACU could be controlled with chiller by signal interlocking, and computer- controlled, controller could output many alarms signal such as high/low temperature, fault alert and so on 11. RS485 interface.
  • Smog sensor, condensation water sensor is optional.

Shenzhen Airfact Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Airfact Industrial Co., Ltd.

Guangdong, Mainland China

Exporter, Manufacturer

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