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Paramatrix Technologies Pvt Ltd
Human Resource Management System
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Work-IN-GroupS (WINGS) is a Human Resource (HR) management & employee Intranet solution built on Microsoft’s SharePoint 2013 framework. It automates processes in the HR domain as well as provides an Intranet-based platform for employee collaboration and social networking. The functionalities in WINGS can be categorized as core HR that automate the processes that are part of Employee Lifecycle Management (ELM) and employee collaboration portal that enables a host of features that improve the way employees function and perform. In the aspect of Employee Lifecycle Management, WINGS automates the various aspects of employee management from recruitment and induction of employees, to automation of the various operational activities (viz., attendance & leave management, performance appraisal management, etc.), to resignation & exit management. In the aspect of portal, WINGS takes the form of an enterprise collaboration portal that allows employers to advertise vacancies, company news, training programs, etc. On this platform, employees can manage their tasks, goals and other performance parameters. The portal also hosts functionalities that enable document and knowledge management.
  • Employee recruitment & induction management.
  • Attendance management.
  • Performance appraisal management.
  • Employee exit management employee collaboration.
  • Recruitment & training management.
  • Employee enterprise dashboard.
  • Knowledge & information management.
  • Media center.
  • Collaboration & networking.

Paramatrix Technologies Pvt Ltd

Paramatrix Technologies Pvt Ltd

Maharashtra, India

Service Company

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