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BizupSolutions Inc
International Ecommerce and Mobile Commerce Business
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Build Your Next Generation International Ecommerce and Mobile Commerce Business

1. Next generation eCommerce & mobile commerce system implemented as Progressive Webapp to engage modern shoppers:
  • One platform for building and managing eCommerce and mobile commerce system with next generation technology, e.g. Expancio webapp: opens as web, runs and saves as app in mobile device (with push notification, real time customer communication, etc); no download, no installation. This system is the replacement of traditional web and native app solution supported by Google Android/Chrome, latest IOS and latest Windows phone.
  • ​Your-domain-name, your brand, your customer, your online payment and your full functioned ecommerce system.
  • Simple, easy, cost-effective.
  • Secured cloud-based hosting, free SSL.
  • Best feature combination of both web and app: easy to acquire, retain, re-engage customer with high retention and conversion rate.
2. Marketing your brand and gain traffic:
  • Traffic integration with Google SEO support; Social media traffic integration (FB, Instagram, Linkedin, reddit, wechat, etc). Big Data/AI based data analysis to drive your A/B testing and target marketing and audience identification.
3. Build sales channel internationally
  •  Your centralized eCommerce system will connect to Social media shopping channel, google shopping channel, Expancio affiliate sales channel as well as Expancio Northa America community sales channel.
4. Others features:
  • Internationalized shopping behavior design.
  • Multiple language support.
  • International shipping zone.
  • Embedded US NEXUS tax and Canada Tax system: the most complicated US tax system with NEXUS rules was implemented in Expancio helps business owner easily enter US market with no tax hassle.
  • Manage business on the go: with mobile supported management system, business owner can manage their business everywhere and anytime: order, products/inventory, customers and membership, discount and coupon, marketing and sales, and page design and layout etc.
  • Brick-and-mortar support and customer engagement: with O2O features, the eCommerce webapp can be configured to bring online customer to offline store and bring local customer to online customer management system. Also, multi locations/stores and franchise are supported in the system.
  • Secure cloud hosting and data service: PCI compliant multi-tier configuration with free SSL data communication.
  • Internationalized Support Team: professional international support team not only helps solve technical issue, but also provide consultancy for business marketing and sales grow.

BizupSolutions Inc

BizupSolutions Inc


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