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Artron Printing Corporation
Offset Printing
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  • As the first “base for the research and popularization of Chinese printing standardization technology”,
  • Artron has been practising printing regularization, datamation and standardization, and actively absorbing internationally leading technologies and processes and pooling various resources to provide world-class printing services for Chinese and foreign artistic and business customers.
Chroma printing:
  • With specially-made printing ink and through frequency modulation screening printing, Artron successfully developed chroma printing technology, extending the field of color reproduction of traditional four-color ink printing.
  • The technology makes prints brighter in colors, sharper in control and richer in hierarchies.
Waterless printing:
  • Use of waterless printing technology can produce clear images with full dot ink and saturated image & text colors.
  • IPA-contained fount is not needed during printing to weaken the impact of CO2 on the environment and contribute to the advance of environmental protection.
MFX printing:
  • Following the method of metal quality reproduction, metal FM uses silver ink and common four-color printing oil to produce numberless colors of metal quality, making printing colorful and changing the situation of helplessness in metal effect.
  • Limitations on designing complex metal images are greatly reduced to fully beautify works.
High-precision printing:
  • High-precision printing is high-grade printing formed by super fine dots, with moire completely invisible.
  • Infinite smooth modulation super fine dots greatly improve definition, eliminate ripple patterns or rose patterns, and faithfully and naturally reproduce the color information of originals without any loss.

Artron Printing Corporation

Artron Printing Corporation

Guangdong, Mainland China

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