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Tangomingo Limited
Online School and Community Yearbook
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Paperark allows schools, clubs, foundations, and other organizations to permanently share their publications through a modern and user-friendly online reader, while connecting their members using social networking features such as commenting and tagging. It goes a step further and lets you tag anything on any part of any page of your publications. It lets your readers enjoy and interact with your publications from any mobile-enabled device.
  • Paperark empowers communities to be more connected through online publications.
  • Membership control: Paperark gives you complete control over who can read and contribute to your publications within your community.
  • Use our built-in membership functions or integrate with our range of supported membership providers.
  • Social chances: your readers are already familiar with tagging people and commenting on photos.
  • Customizable: we understand that all communities have different requirements.
  • Paperark lets you customize the publication tag data and the information that should be associated to each publication.
  • Optimized views are available for all devices.
  • Permanent: Your publications are stored permanently and securely, with the option for bank-grade level security.
  • World-class service: everything from our modern interface to transparent pricing is designed to keep things as simple as possible, while our responsive team is there to provide support.

Tangomingo Limited

Tangomingo Limited

Hong Kong

Others, Service Company

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