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Asia Animation Limited
Ori-Princess Licensing
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Once upon a time in China, the crown prince was traveling in his kingdom. During his travels, he fell in love with a peasant girl, and they had a baby daughter. Unfortunately, they were separated due to the prince’s obligation to his kingdom. Many years later, the crown prince became the emperor, and he decided to reunite with his daughter, who, after so many years in the village, grew to be a bit too peasant-like for his liking. The emperor therefore decided to bring his daughter into the palace to teach her to be more princess-like. However, the new princess already has all the habits and the lifestyle of a peasant girl and thus her entry into the palace brings a breath of fresh air through the formalities of the royal household. And so, the story starts here.
  • Animation story.
  • High popularity.

Asia Animation Limited

Asia Animation Limited

Hong Kong


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