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POSimplicity System
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This POSimplicity system is an innovative and simple-to-use point of sale system that automatically ties in social medias and eCommerce through this application you can manage your online eStore, shop and easily sale the goods at both fronts. It is designed to make ringing up customers easier and faster than other tablet point of sale systems currently on the market. This specifically applies to companies that have a large number of products without barcodes, such as a bakery.
  • For example, when you choose an item a separate pop-up will appear and you can choose the quantity and, if applicable, the size of the item.
  • You are also able to search for specific products by name which can be very helpful and considerably diminish time needed to ring someone out.
  • The third thing that sets POSimplicity apart is that POSimplicity will save you money on credit card processing.
  • POSimplicity does this by automatically sending smaller transactions through one credit card processing company (a company who just charges a % fee and no transaction fee) and larger transactions through a separate processor (a company that charges a lower % with a transaction fee) so you are getting the best of both worlds.
  • In addition to all of these benefits, POSimplicity, like many other POS systems available, has a touch screen interface, can split a purchase between different tenders and has great reporting functionality.
  • With POSimplicity you can upload all of your products onto an online database which you can then sort through and assign what products you want to have displayed on your point of sale system.
  • This makes managing the products in your store quick and easy.
  • In addition, you can track inventory levels on products.
  • For each item uploaded you will be able to choose to have it displayed on your point of sales system, your website, on both or on neither.
  • More details are available at

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