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Leung Kin & Co
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Steps to apply for a patent through our firm:
  • The patent specification for your invention will be drafted after receiving your instruction and patent materials.
  • If it is an urgent case, you may consider to apply for a provisional patent application (normally, it takes 1 to 7 working days to prepare the patent filing documents).
  • If it is a normal case, you can apply for a regular patent application or an International Patent (PCT) Application (in order to file your subsequent patent applications with regional patent offices, PCT application will provide you with a period of 30 months starting from the first filing date to maintain the novelty of your invention.).
  • Your patent application will be filed with a designated patent office (e.g. the Intellectual Property Department of Hong Kong SAR) upon your confirmation of our draft patent specification.
  • The filing number of your patent application which is issued by the designated patent office will be reported to you and we will also report the progress of your application to you from time to time.
  • Under the Paris Convention, you will have 12 months from the first filing date to maintain the novelty of your invention and you can claim such priority for your subsequent patent applications with other countries.
Our patent services:
  • International Patent Application (PCT).
  • Hong Kong Short-Term Patent Application.
  • Hong Kong Standard Patent Application.
  • PRC Utility Model Application.
  • PRC Invention Application.
  • US Utility Patent Application.
  • European Patent Application.
  • Australian Provisional Application.
  • German Utility Model Application.
  • Japanese Utility Model Application.
  • Preparing and filing patent applications in Hong Kong, PRC, USA, Japan, Europe, Japan, S. Korea, Australia, Germany, UK, India, Taiwan and other countries.
  • Advice on patentability matter.
  • Advice on Patent strategy.
  • Patent searching and analysis.
  • Drafting Patent specification.
  • Patent specification translation.
  • Drafting response to office action.
  • Advice on Patent infringement.
  • Advice on Interpretation and Validity of Patent specification.
  • Patent portfolio management.
  • Preparing and filing the International Patent application (PCT application).
  • Preparing and filing the US or Australian provisional applications.
  • Preparing and filing oppositions.
  • Monitoring and paying renewal fees on your behalf.

Leung Kin & Co

Leung Kin & Co

Hong Kong

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