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Syncircle Design Co
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P5703 is a story about time and adventure. It begins in Hong Kong-the busiest city on earth where everybody only concerns about saving as much time as he/she could. P5703 is a planet set on the back of a snail which exactly floats above Hong Kong. P5703ers have all inherited their mother planet’s attribute-they are all living in “la vida”-life of slow motions. They never worry about running out of time as there is a tree setting the fruit of time on the planet. All these time in fact came from Hong Kong as the citizen saved a lot and all flows to P5703 and becomes the seeds of time. P5703 is soon overloaded by the growing amount of fruit of time. One day, a P5703er-Pi decided to bring these fruit of time back to Hong Kong and his adventure began.

  • Pi the wanderer.
  • Begin in Hong Kong.

Syncircle Design Co

Syncircle Design Co

Hong Kong


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