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Artron Printing Corporation
Printing and Binding Post-proc
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  • Image color processing.
  • As Artron’s core technology, image color processing has been improved in the past decade.
  • Artron has input labour and materials heavily in researching and summarizing various types of originals, and worked out technical standards with Artron’s characteristics.
  • With a modern and open concept, Artron conducts color management in a full process from prepress to press, and lays a solid foundation for efficient prepress image color processing through the stable technical standards.
  • Artron is possessed of hundreds of image color processing engineers with over 10 years of professional experience and art culture, who returned from further education abroad.
  • They will have a good command of advanced equipment and technology and integrate it with their expertise art culture to provide customers with of high-calibre image color processing services.
  • Artron has been energetically allying with internationally famous technology and equipment service providers, cooperating with these strategic partners in all respects including hardware, software and flow, etc.
  • And constantly introduce into advanced technologies to consolidate its world lead in image color processing.
  • Computerized composition.
  • Artron has established strong image & text production bases in Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai, with 200 high-speed professional workstations and an average daily output of 10,000 pages.
  • It can process various professional file formats like AI, InDesign, CorelDraw, Freehand and PDF.
  • Through years of efforts, Artron has fostered a galaxy of excellent production staff, all of whom graduated from professional universities and colleges and was qualified through systematic special training, thus acquiring the capability of comprehensive processing of graphics, images and texts.
  • To safeguard customers’ fundamental interests, Artron has assigned proofreaders with the image & text processing department to help customers with quality control and frequently correct major text errors for customers, thus being trusted by customers.
  • Remote text and layout correction system.
  • Fast remote trace and simplification of customers’ sample signature procedures have become a trend of the printing industry.
  • The remote text and layout correction system integrates initial plate making operations as a whole to greatly saving time and materials for middle steps.
  • Meanwhile, connection to communications network, especially use of net disk (FTP), frees proofreading from time and territory restrictions, ensuring high quality and earning the maximum profits for customers in terms of time and cost.
  • Artron printed foreign periodicals in cooperation with Europe-based brain heart through the text and layout correction system.

Artron Printing Corporation

Artron Printing Corporation

Guangdong, Mainland China

Service Company

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