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Hangzhou Unihf Technology Services Co., Ltd.
Professional Quality Control and Inspection Service In China
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  •  "Made-in-China" products are shipped to every corner of the world. Overseas buyers need reliable and independent inspection in addition to product testing, to support production quality control in the Country of Origin and to complete the inspection of goods.
  • UTS offers comprehensive third party certification, quality control & inspection services.
  • Inspection Service Scope
  • UTS inspection service aims to reduce or eliminate as many of the importing risks for accepting
  • defective merchandise.
  • We are your eyes & ears in your supplier to monitor correct fulfillment of the purchase orders and
  • assure the merchandise evaluated meets all specific requirement.
  • Our inspection service scope:
  • Supplier Factory Evaluation
  • Pre-production Inspection
  • During Production Inspection
  • Production Monitor
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection
  • Supervision of Loading
  • Other Tailor-made Inspection Services
  • Serviced Industries
  • Our inspectors are qualified with relevant training and qualifications. We are able to provide inspection for
  • the following categories of products and other types of testing:
  • Textiles: Garments, fabrics, bags and shoes, home textile, bedding products, sportswear, etc.
  • Groceries: Toys, furniture, tools, gift, kitchen ware, sporting products, Christmas items& festival items, stationery, etc.
  • Electrical and Electronic Products: IT products, home appliance, electrical vehicles, beauty
  • products, electrical audio & videos, lighting products, electrical tools, remote control toys, ect.
  • Food: Cold fresh food
  • Why Choose UTS
  • Competitive price
  • One working day in advance booking
  • Same day inspection result
  • Worldwide inspection service network
  • Flexible & tailor made service
  • One stop service provider including testing, inspection & audit, etc.
  •  Defect Classification
  • Defects are grouped and coded according to the workmanship area.
  • The following point value system should be used to assess the defective units found during the inspection.
  •  Critical Defect this is a safety defect which has the potentiality to cause significant injury or illness in person's assembling, handling, or using the product, and/or is not in compliance with regulatory requirements.
  •  Major Defect this is a defect which has functional problem and/or aesthetic conditions which may prevent the product from being sold. High probability of a consumer/dealer return,   significant customer dissatisfaction, and no more purchase.
  •  Minor Defect   This is a defect which the customer will notice, but most probably, will not be returned by the consumer, dealer
  • or write a complaint letter. Defects in this class may negatively impact the consumer's opinion on the quality of product.

Hangzhou Unihf Technology Services Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Unihf Technology Services Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang, Mainland China

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