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Remote Automatic Water Meter Reading System
Remote Automatic Water Meter Reading System
Aska Electric Remote Water Meter has non-magnetic signal acquisition, water measurement and storage, easy networking, remote data transmission and other functions. The management center can read real-time data. After a long term research and experiment the subordinate count gear box was removed to reduce wear and rotational resistance to extend mechanical life. The signal is durable and reliable through non-magnetic technology. Our Water Meter is a High-accuracy of independent impeller rotating on non-metallic bearing is stable non-magnetic signal response technology.
Basic model of Hamic has the non-magnetic electronic remote water meter and the convenient networking. High-efficiency, convenient, and quick data capture, wireless data transmission, management center can achieve real-time data acquisition, and provide guarantees for realizing the ladder price policy.
Measuring Range Ratios
With 5L/h start-up flow rate, electronic tracking compensation technology can be used, and the range ratio can reach to R250.
Long Life
In the traditional mechanical water meter, removed short life and complicated plastic gear transmission parts, it will affect accuracy. So change the highly wearable bearing parts into highly wear-resistant ceramics. This will double the flow stability and service life of the flowmeter.
Low Power Consumption
Using the latest low-power technology, the average operating current is less than 20 microamperes to ensure a cumulative use of a battery for 10 years.
High Measurement Accuracy
Using a special algorithm and a large amount of experimental data, the measurement sensitivity can reach 0.01 ml.
Super Anti-interference function
The signal is picked up non-magnetically. Resists strong magnet interference from the outside
Remote Reading
Support remote M-BUS reading and inspection.
Remote Transmission Reliable & Security
The Remote Transmission Optical isolation design can support the unlimited real-time meter reading. Fight against strong magnetic, strong electricity and lightning interference
High Level Protection
The circuit box using inside and outside isobaric technology to protect the water meter and reach to IP68 protection level.  
Intelligent Platform
The real-time measurement of various functions such as step water price, remote transmission of M-BUS information, storage of large-capacity information, remote meter operation self-check, and remote monitoring.
Easy to Maintain
The circuit box, battery, and flow meter form a detachable structure that supports on-site replacement of parts and batteries.
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