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ReadySpace Limited
SSL Certificate
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Keeping confidential data secure

One thing that many users don’t realise when they send e-mail, share files or even transact with money online, is that their information can be “sniffed” by “man in the middle” attacks unless the data is encrypted securely.
For IT managers, the task is to roll out a system that is easy to set up, run and maintain, while keeping confidential data secure while it passes through the Internet.
What they need to employ is strong Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption that can be deployed easily and cost-effectively.
At ReadySpace, we offer RapidSSL, an affordable Web certificate service providing customers with world-class SSL encryption trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide.
Whether your users and customers are buying and selling online, whether they are sending confidential e-mails or simply sharing sensitive business documents with one another, RapidSSL is the solution to ensure that the transaction data remains secure.

Why choose RapidSSL?
  • Easy to set up in three steps – usually, this costs thousands of dollars in fees for IT professionals to set up a similar service for you
  • Secure 256-bit SSL encryption, to prevent eavesdropping
  •  Trusted by customers worldwide, so you can trust RapidSSL as well
  • Compatible with 99% of browsers, so everyone can log in
  • Affordable at HK$528 a year

ReadySpace Limited

ReadySpace Limited

Hong Kong

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