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SmartMenu System
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The smartMenu is a real-time food ordering, order tracking and management system for restaurant and cafes. It works for customers, waiters and chefs alike. The smartMenu system is much convenient than a digital menu card.
  • Primarily it puts customers in control so much so that a waiter is needed only when food is ready in the kitchen.
  • Makes entire process super easy and facilitates quicker turn around using real-time push notification system, which ultimately results in improved customer experience.
  • SmartMenu is much more than a digital menu card.
  • It creates a real-time network among waiter, chef, cashier and managers in addition to the customer who is the protagonist of our app e.g. orders show on chef’s screen instantly, as customers push them, chef on the other hand can see a list of dishes to be cooked and keep a tab of what is cooked and what is pending.
  • Likewise, waiter on their side can keep a tab on what is ordered and what is ready in the kitchen. Cashier can also see orders and print bills whereas manager can manage the entire show on their side of the app.
  • SmartMenu system allows customers to translate everything on the menu card to a preferred language on the go.
  • Customer selects dishes, adds special requests tags, previews the order list and places the order which goes directly to the chef and a push alert to the waiter that order is placed.
  • Waiter can check the order status screen to keep a tab on the cooking status.
  • Waiter receives a push alerts as dishes are ready to be served.
  • A push alert is sent if customer taps 'call waiter' icon on the interface.
  • Chef receives orders on their interface; items stack up as orders are placed.
  • Chef taps twice on each item, first to cook it and then to mark the dish ready the 2nd time. Push alerts are sent out to waiters.
  • Cashier can see all orders on their interface, they can check detail for the order, print the bill and mark orders paid.
  • Admin has got admin interface which allows them to monitor the orders/bills, tables status (busy/available) and last but not the least make changes according.
  • You can see full details and order trial at

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