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Pollux Enterprise Ltd
Sourcing Agent for Buying from China
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  • Faced with the seas of merchandise in China, you need a strategy to buy smartly from a group of carefully selected suppliers while keeping abreast of the market trends.
  • Established in Hong Kong since 1999, we work as buying agent for customers who look to upgrade their procurement processes.  You can concentrate on building up your collections instead of spending time on the routines of dealing with individual factories.  The result is time and money saving.
  • With our geographical advantage and expertise, we take care of your total buying process, from factory screening, buying trip planning, fair visits, order processing, quality control to all post-order logistics management.
  • You can consolidate shipment of purchases from different factories with ease, meaning valuable flexibility in product varieties and order quantities.
  • Our OEM management services always put your brand name in good hands.
  • We cover practically all light industry consumer goods.

Pollux Enterprise Ltd

Pollux Enterprise Ltd

Hong Kong

Exporter, Wholesaler

Average Response Time

Within 24 hours

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