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Sparky Animation Pte Ltd
Sparky Animation - Jack
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Jack is a scientist of sorts – an explorer. He lives a normal life with his two companions in his home in Beano, a small asteroid that orbits the earth. Unbeknownst to all parents on Earth, he quietly tunes in with the help of CHIP to search for and monitor little mysteries for Earth’s children. When one of those questions strikes his fancy, he goes on a mission to investigate, and unravel the mysteries. Jack is a series that is all about encouraging the curiosity of 6 to 9 year old children by having fun with and maybe even teach a little science.
  • Produced by: Sparky Animation and PVP.
  • Format: 52 x 11”.
  • Language: English.

Sparky Animation Pte Ltd

Sparky Animation Pte Ltd



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