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TUKAcad Software Solution
TUKAcad Software Solution
TUKAcad is the complete software solution for computerized pattern making, grading and marker making on a personal computer. It provides operation under Microsoft Windows. The powerful software combines sophisticated algorithms based on artificial intelligence together with manual manipulations to help the operator get the optimum utilization of materials.
  • Multitasking operation: this means that while work is being performed on the computer display, grading and plotting calculations may be performed in the background. This will speed up the operation.
  • Multi-user operation: means work being carried out by multiple users simultaneously, for example digitizing, editing, entering marker commands. Pattern Making and Marker Making work can be done at the same time.
  • TUKAcad’s multitasking capability allows the user to perform workload distribution over the network automatically. A scheduling program scans the status of all connected workstations and while user works in the foreground with CAD, Marking or PDS, the jobs for Plotting, Grading and Marker preparation are carried out in the background without any degradation in performance.
  • TUKAcad allows many convenient features, such as automatic data backup at predetermined times, automatic data maintenance. Some Functions that set it apart.
  • Automatic ‘Piece Naming’ on unnamed and duplicate pieces is available when saving the file. Pieces will be named numerically by default if they are undefined. Organized drop down menus to find tools and commands much quicker. Half pieces can be defined instead of mirroring, making the workspace more efficient. Half pieces will automatically open when plotted or sent to TUKAmark.
  • Filling color: selected pieces can have user defined fill color.
  • Arrange workspace allows rotation of big pieces, automatic rotation to horizontal grain line, and by specific material group.
  • Option to see selected segments in color.
  • When user selects a segment it will highlight in the user defined color.
  • Piece info dialog has an option to make pieces with “read only” attributes to be used as templates.
  • TUKAmark: manual and automatic marker marking.
  • TUKAmark software allows the operator to utilize selvage in seams with clearly showing on screen and printing on marker the exact width with actual selvage line and pieces within selvage and on selvage. This unique feature allows the marker maker to get 2%-4% additional saving of fabric.
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