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Telematics4u Services Pvt. Ltd.
Transportation Management Service
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This comprehensive transportation management system offers services ranging from supply chain management to customized e-commerce solutions. It helps you manage and monitor logistics activities and processes. It is a great way for you to minimize operation costs and maximize profits and efficiency.
  • Solution to inefficiencies in transportation, complex tax structures, and inadequate storage infrastructures.
  • Comprehensive, tailored logistics management solution.
  • Cloud-based solution to monitor, track and manage your logistics.
  • Using the existing ERP system in your organization.
  • Consignment management.
  • Booking management: handle factory's stuffing and de-stuffing progresses, import and export bookings, loose cargo bookings, empty containers, vehicle movements, etc. effectively. 
  • Trip management: manage shipping costs and diesel usage. 
  • Workshop management: create job cards, issue materials and manage materials' life cycles.
  • Billing management: generate invoices, manage expenses, and view profit and loss figures.
  • Fleet vehicle monitoring: map-based, real-time monitoring system.
  • Fleet vehicle management: create purchase orders with high efficiency and manage materials and products.
  • Statutory management: manage insurance, driving licenses and statutory-related documents.
  • Fuel monitoring: manage the mileage of vehicles and generator sets, and curb pilferage levels.
  • Offer activity summary reports, idle reports, stop/speed reports as well as dispatch, trip, and expense reports. 
  • Record over speeding, route diversion, door movements (open/close), energy status, etc.

Telematics4u Services Pvt. Ltd.

Telematics4u Services Pvt. Ltd.

Karnataka, India

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