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Voice Recording and Audio Production
Voice Recording and Audio Production
Voice recording and audio production services:

Datasource possesses one fully-equipped recording studio, an in-house team of professional audio engineers as well as a network of 400+ voice talents. Since 2002, Datasource has been providing professional voice-over services to more than 400 clients worldwide, and helped to realize 1,000+ recording and audio projects.

Scope of audio services:
Our in-house audio production specializes in several genres of voice-over recording platforms including:
  • Voice casting
  • Project planning
  • Preparing scripts & script translation
  • Recording
  • Sound effects
  • Music creation
  • Music re-arrangement
  • Video Subtitling & Video dubbing
  • Post production (audio editing, file cutting, file renaming)
  • Final quality control 

DataSource multimedia team possesses the comprehensive level of voice-over experience and expertise required to convey your message to your target audience appropriately and effectively. With our integrated recording studio facilities and our cast of 400 international voice talents and actors, we are able to quickly respond to any studio project request.
Our in-house audio production team specialises in several genres of voice-over recording platforms, including microcasting media, television commercials, corporate training videos, documentaries, museum audio tours, tablet or mobile talking apps, interactive educational toys, e-learning and Internet-based content. We offer a complete range of audio services in more than 50 languages: transcription, script translation, lip synchronising, recording, editing, mixing, post-production and subtitling.
DataSource’s editing and audio production expertise includes file separation, naming, and conversion, as well as selecting best takes, dialogue editing, sound design, sound effects, music and jingles, harmonising recordings made during different sessions, removing mouth clicks, page-turns, pops, eliminating hiss, hum and electronic noise… We deliver your final files in any format you require: MP3, AIF, WAV, ULAW and more! Our PC-based studios are run using Pro Tools. They have been technologically optimised to achieve a neutral feel.
DataSource has at its disposal a wide selection of professional talent. Our roster of more than 400 professional and nonprofessional voice actors, working in 60 languages, is drawn from Hong Kong’s diversified pool of native-speaking voice talent and from around the world. We understand the distinct capabilities required for each genre of voice-over recording and provide voice talents who perfectly fit your needs and requirements for your project, be it a commercial, a video game, a museum audio tour or a documentary dubbing.
You can leave the recording to us, or, if you prefer, you may join us either in person in the studio, or remotely, via telephone (phone patch), Skype or ISDN. Our technical supervisors direct the voice actors’ performance to ensure perfect timing and top calibre voice-over production values.


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