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Compusult Limited
Web Enterprise Suite Service
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The WES catalog component lets you create, manage, publish, and access location-based data of any type across all your internal systems as well as systems in other organizations. This can include satellite images, aerial reconnaissance photos, maps, charts, documents, web services, sensor data, and much more. Additionally, WES tools such as Map Manager, Meta Miner, Meta Manager, and Access Manager respectively provide Internet Map Server, distributed searching of remote data servers, metadata management, and data warehousing capabilities for a complete geospatial data discovery solution.
  • Geospatial data discovery: for access to any kind of geospatial information from any system at any time.
  • Situational awareness, collaboration and decision support: the WES portfolio manager allows you to track and manage location-based information for specific events or groups of events. This provides a consolidated and complete view of many different sources of critical information, including geospatial data, RSS feeds, imagery, videos, documents, sensor observations, user messages, and external sources of information.
  • Geo visualization/fusion: WES is ideal for organizations that need a single point of access to vast amounts of disparately located geospatial data. Our WES Analyst component lets you access and combine static and frequently changing information into a single managed view using the provided map viewer or third-party tools such as Google Earth.
  • Mobility: new GO mobile app for Android and iOS based mobile devices lets you easily and securely access and share information through Web Enterprise Suite. This includes sensor information captured by the mobile device such as location data, photos, videos, etc. With GO Mobile, you have a portable solution for data access and enhanced situational awareness.
  • Security and user management: Our WES Portal is a highly-customizable, open source portal framework providing access to all WES capabilities. It also lets system administrators control what information specific groups or users can access via WES and GO Mobile.
  • Data delivery: the WES access manager, catalog, and sensor management components provide automated, secure, real-time access to Web services, sensors, and data products.
  • Data publishing & harvesting: WES publisher and ingest modules allow data custodians to register geospatial applications, services, styles, and data products for end user access.

Compusult Limited

Compusult Limited

Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Distributor, Manufacturer

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