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Yanji National New & High-Tech Industrial Park
Yanji National New & High-Tech Industrial Park
Located in the east of Yanji City in Jilin Province, in the central land of Northeast Asian economic circle, and in the Tumen River region where borders of China, Russia and Korea connect, Yanji National New & High-tech Industrial Park (hereinafter called Industrial Park) is a “Window” through which one can have a panoramic view over the current status of the pilot zone in opening up and development of Changjitu region.

Over nearly 20 years development, infrastructure of the industrial park has been established in terms of “Traffic, Electricity, Water, Drainage, Telecommunication, Cable TV, Coal gas, and Natural land consolidation”, Quarters of Industrial Park with special features and quarters with industrial production base of Provincial Level have been successively established, inside the Industrial Park there are Small and Medium Enterprises Quarter, Scientific & Technical Creation Quarter, National Drug Material Production Base.

At present, four special industries with comparatively competitive advantage respectively engaged in Food Processing, Medical Appliances, Bio-pharmaceutical Technology, and Electronic Information have been formed in the Industrial Park, and the fledging industries engaged in New Energy, New Material and Automative Components Processing are seen with a strong rising trend.

National Preferential Policies including “Outline of China's Tumen River Area Cooperative Development Plan” approved by the State Council, “Northeast Area Revitalization Plan”, “China’s Western Development”, and Preferential Policy for Border & Minority Regions are offering a golden opportunity for the development and industrial investment of the Industrial Park. In the meanwhile, series of policy to promote special industry for rapid development and technology innovation have been promulgated successively by the Industrial Park, such as “Policy and Regulations to promote development in Software Industry, Animation Industry and Service Outsourcing Industry”, “Interim Measures for Utilization & Management of Technology Innovation Funds”, which has further consolidated the preferential condition for enterprise and industrial investment.

Your investment into the Industrial Park will be highly appreciated, and we will provide all of the essential and best service to ensure you to accomplish your grand undertaking.

Yanji Hi-tech Ind'l Development Zone

Yanji Hi-tech Ind'l Development Zone

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