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ANYZAC Co., Ltd.
Zomkong 3D Animation Character
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Zomkong is always sucked in by his friends because he is the most stupid zombie amongst the Zombiedumbs. He is also the strongest one in the gang, but at the same time, he has a delicate sensibility to carry around a doll in his pajamas, combing it once in a while. Normally, Zomkong obeys to what his friends say, but when someone put him out of temper, his simple ignorance would explode with fury. Even though he is obsessed with cute petit objects, he fails to control his own power and end up either breaking it or creating a fuss.
  • The most stupid zombie.
  • 3D animation character.
  • Originated in Korea.

ANYZAC Co., Ltd.

ANYZAC Co., Ltd.

Korea, Republic Of

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