Sanfield Industries Ltd

Hong Kong

Design supply & installation of Expansion joint for Bldgs, bridges & highway structures. Specialist for Waterproofing of civil engineering structures (Tunnels/commercial podium Large buildings etc.)

Company Information

Nature of Business:
Major Markets:
Hong Kong
Main Categories:
Building Materials & Supplies
Number of Staff (HK):
26 - 50
Year of Establishment:
Annual Turnover:
US$ 5,000,000 - 9,999,999

Company Award/ Qualification

Nina Tower Supply of Metazeal MZ250 Feb 07
Ma Tau Kok Metazeal Feb 05
Supply of Elastomeric Bearing Jun 05
So Kwun Wat Hua Expansion Joint Jul 02
Selling Modular Joint Nov 04
Matazeal Matazeal Apr 03
Though Train Schools Hua Xia Joint: DPP-50, WQP50, NPG50... Sept 06
Lai Chi Kok Hua Xia Joints: DPR Dec 04
Wo Yi Hop Road Expansion Joint Aladin May 07
Group 4 School Hua Xia Joints: DPR-25, DJR-25, WDP-5D... Aug 05
Yan Fook Building Hua Xia Joints: WQJL-200, WDJ-450, WQRL-100 Mar 04
Cyberport-C6 Hua Xia Joints: DPK-50 July 04
Cyberport-RIA & RIB Hua Xia Joints: WQP-100, WQP-50, DPZG-50, Trojan Joint Dec 04
HK Station - Northern Hotel HXA Expansion Joint Sep 05
HK Station G/F Movement Joint: DJK-50, DPK-50, VIP Oct 03
Kowloon Station P5 Wabocrete II Elastomeric Concre Apr 08
Chuen Lung, Tsuen Wan Waterproofing: Thoroseal Aug 08
Jockey Club-Roof Terrace of the Owner's Pavillion Waterproofing: HLM Nov 07
Royal Oaks Swimming Pool Waterproofing: HLM Oct 07
Stewart Terrace Waterproofing: Conipur 258 Sep 07
Marco Polo HK Hotel Expansion Joint: Aladin W25 Jan 08
Hunghom Bay Hua Xia Joint: WQP-200, FJX2 May 08
Hunghom Bay Expansion Joint: Aladin W25 Apr 08
Tai Ho Road Waterproofing: HLM Aug 07
King's Road - Taikoo Waterproofing: HLM5000 Jan 08
Shatin Galleria Renovation Waterproofing: Thoroseal Jun 07
Taikoo Place Linkage Movement Joint: Wabo VIP II Jan 08
Taikoo Place Linkage Waterproofing
Venetian Hotel Macau Expansion Joint: Aladin W40 Jun 07
One Island East (Toilets) Waterproofing: Thoroseal Dec 07
Venetian Orient P2 Expansion Joint: Aladint W50 Mar 08
Pacific Place, Mall Contemporisation Waterproofing: HLM5000 Sep 08
Pacific Place Mall L4 Restaurant Waterproofing: Thoroseal, HLM 5000 Jun 07
Pacific Place II Waterproofing: Conipur 255, Thoroseal Mar 08
The HK Community College (KIL 11176) Expansion Joint: FJX-200
Union Square Kowloon Station Expansion Joint: Aladin W100, FJX 400 Oct 07
Kowloon P5 - GL Y20 Expansion Joint: Cover Plate Sept 08


Contact Person:
Miss Mable Cheng
Office Address:
Unit 5, 29/F Cable TV Twr 9 Hoi Shing Rd Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong
Country/ Region:
Hong Kong
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