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AI and blockchain are driving the advances surrounding the state-of-the-art Internet of Things

The latest Internet of Things (IoT) trend sees technology revolutionising industries to help them improve processes, boost earnings, and provide better customer services. In 2022, look for IoT to be driven primarily by artificial intelligence (AI), edge computing, and blockchain. Security, too, will be a primary focus for the IoT market. Network operators will serve as cybersecurity personnel, preventing intruders from causing harm from cyberattacks. Moreover, IoT analytics systems will trigger alerts while transferring large amounts of data to network cores, which helps a great deal with accelerating data analysis. Plus, with the help of IoT automation, manufacturers are transforming their entire business models into more innovative and productive ones. You’ll find hundreds of the most important IoT products and suppliers at Sourcing from security and surveillance systems and access control systems to a full range of IoT sensors and many more smart home products. Contact Sourcing today!
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