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Daiwa Metal Works Co Ltd
3D Letters Light Box
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US $50.00 - US $200.00
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3D letters lightbox based on the metal lightbox, cut through the logo and text from a backing pane, fill the cutouts with light-emitting characters, and punch them out in relief as 3D letters. The luminous effect is unique and conspicuous, as well as the contrast of light and dark build a solid stereoscopic impact that makes the message pop and easy to read from a distance.

√Conspicuous luminous effect as well as contrast of light and dark build a strong stereoscopic effect;

√Eye-catching advertising message and easy to read from a distance;

√Durable and long-lasting.

  • Optional Materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Iron, Acrylic;
  • Metal surface: Painted; Brushed, Satin or Mirror Polished (Plating are available);
  • Size Limit: At least 30mm thickness or more;
  • Application: Indoor, fit to facades, hang from canopies or bond to walls, mainly for branding decoration and modern office.
  • Application industry: Catering, hotel, medical, beauty, banks, retail and high-end industry, etc.Sample 1:Stainless Steel With Black Spray Paint;Back-Lit Letter;Sample 1:Back-Lit Letter With TI-GoldSample 2:Printing + Half-lighting Side-Lit LetterSample 2:Satin Stainless Steel with Bronze

Daiwa Metal Works Co Ltd

Daiwa Metal Works Co Ltd

Hong Kong

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