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Sparkinoo Limited
Character Creation
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Sparkinoo Limited is a content creator that designs, develops, and manages virtual characters. Through our expertise in animation, game, mobile application, publication and many more, we produce multi-layered content that audience from various age groups and cultural backgrounds can all enjoy. Founded by animation and movie industry veterans, we have a pool of talents that provide creative solutions.
  • With thousands of established and new brands in the market, having a character mascot to represent your organization is the simplest and most effective way to make an outstanding impression to your target audience.
  • Unique and straight forward: a character is custom made to fit the organization’s corporate identity.
  • It can make strong and clear impressions on what the organization does, where it comes from, what is its position in the industry, etc.
  • Complicated information will be delivered to the audience in an appealing, vivid and memorable manner.
  • Timeless and free of scandals: while many brands suffer negative influences when their spokespersons are involved in controversies, a virtual character is easy to control and maintain the best image forever.
  • It grows with the brand and multiplies the marketing power when it is deeply recognized by the public. Flexibility: they can appear in any medium anytime.
  • While they are perfect for traditional media like TV commercials and publications, characters can also utilize new media like online comics, animations, virtual reality and many more.
  • They can ultimately become a brand of themselves and generate revenue through their own products.
  • Marketing potential: through these appealing characters, an organization can open up new market segments of different age, gender and ethnicity.

Sparkinoo Limited

Sparkinoo Limited

Hong Kong

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