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Bridgepoint HK Company Limited
Production Management
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A:  Pre-production Management  -- Ensure client expectation is conveyed to the factory frontline workers.
1. Evaluate the technical drawings and prototype for OEM product, or complete samples factory submitted in functions duration / visual /packaging / printing content, and necessity for drop test, vibration test, broken test will be considered.
2. Evaluate the tooling quality and also factory maintenance of the tools;
3. Closely work with factory production engineers to evaluate and approve all the SOP for each position of the worker on the production line, to check any missing steps or potential operational problems from the production line. We believe about 80% of the quality problem comes from the way how workers produce the products.
4. Check with factory QA people and their QA documents if they are sufficient and logical enough for IQC,IPQC & FQC check points to be set up.
5. Request factory for BOM list for the key components of the approved product sample.
6. Once we approve the SOP/QA documents and BOM list, we request factory for a  written statement that without BPT’s new approval, the factory will not be allowed to change any procedures, parts, device and/or specifications; otherwise , BPT would not accept any products that are completed.
7. Set up a detailed product quality standards including function, visual, packaging etc and get factory’s acknowledgement.

B:  Production Management
1.    We issue purchase agreement in Chinese with factory to make crystal clear on all the requirements from the client which the factory need to meet. The agreement covers up to 6 detailed pages indicating the detailed product specifications, quality standards in function, visual, packaging etc. the payment terms and the guarantee for no substitution of the BPT approved BOM list. Without factory signing this purchase agreement, the deposit for the order will not be released to factory .   
2.    During production, we inspect key incoming parts/components in factory’s warehouse, to ensure that factory had purchased in accordance with the specifications and parameters we have requested on the BOM list. If the inspection fail, they can’t start their assembling procedure, and need the further improvements or corrections.
3.    We communicate with the factory’s sub suppliers directly to have solutions when we find certain components has specification error or quality problems, or we assist in finding alternate good component suppliers for factory.
4.    We check the production lines if there are the SOP displayed at each position of the worker, and check if the worker does follow exactly in accordance with the approved SOP.
5.    We interview factory QC people if they clearly understand the order requirements from client and check their records of assembly line sampling and inspection results.

Bridgepoint HK Company Limited

Bridgepoint HK Company Limited

Hong Kong

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