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Daiwa Metal Works Co Ltd
Single Side Light Box— Fabric Face Light Box
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US $40.00 - US $300.00
US $200.00 - US $1500.00
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The fabric lightbox combined the aluminum outer shell and the weather-resistant fabric of the illuminated face. Specified and customized graphics are UV inkjet printed on the material, then spring-tensioned into the metal casing, CE approved, and ECA rated LED installed inside. Its structure is simple, and the price is affordable. 

Fabric light box has even light, larger illuminated area, brighter and better advertising effect than the traditional lightbox, which is suitable for shopping malls, airports or outdoor venues.

√Breathable fabric can reduce the risk of overheating caused by long-term lighting;

√Even light, larger illuminated area, brighter and better advertising effect compared with traditional light box;

√Energy-saving, brighter and long-life LEDs are used;

√Simple structure design withe high-quality aluminum which is easy for installation, maintenance and replacement;

√Affordable price.

  • Materials: Fabric and Aluminum frame
  • Metal Surface: Painted aluminum
  • LED Colors : cool white (6500K)
  • Application: Indoor and outdoor, fit to facades, hang from canopies or bond to walls, for various signs in chain stores, civil engineering site, public facilities, etc.
  • Application (Industries): Government, catering, medical, banks, retail and high-end industry, municipal engineering, shopping malls, etc.

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Daiwa Metal Works Co Ltd

Daiwa Metal Works Co Ltd

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