Taitung County of Taiwan can be roughly divided into the Central Mountain Range, the East Rift Valley, the Beinan River Delta, the Coastal Mountain Range and the Taiyuan Basin.

Blessed with geographic advantages, a pleasant climate and fertile soil, Taitung yields a vast array of agricultural produce. Taitung’s fishery resources are also abundant, thanks to the Kuroshio Current in the Pacific Ocean that flows past the east side of the county. Free from PM2.5 air pollution throughout the year and with ample sunshine, Taitung produces foods that are perfect in quality and taste. Quality rice is cultivated in plains and is well-known in Taiwan, while tea, roselle, pineapples, sugar apples, navel oranges and other crops are harvested from hills and slopes.

When in Taitung, be sure to try and buy the local foods besides viewing the diverse scenery. Indulge the palate and feed the soul with delicious flavours from Taitung in the post-pandemic era.