HKTDC Webinar Recap: Easy AI for SMEs | Productivity Up with just One Click at Low Cost

Only large corporates can afford Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Not quite true – SMEs need it even more! As AI applications such as ChatGPT grow, its use is more powerful than imagined. From graphic design to AR models, advertising to copywriting, all these can be done within one click! To SMEs with limited resources, AI saves lots of time and money while boosting productivity significantly.

In February’s Digital Academy’s webinar, top online marketing expert Shek (Shek Ka Wai) talked about the basics and advanced AI knowledge in one class, helping SMEs to better utilize AI technologies including ChatGPT to improve company performance at a low cost within a short time. The discussion covered the following topics:

Thus far AI is most commonly used in generating contents from scratch. Examples include:

  • Text to Text: Input text to create an article as in ChatGPT
  • Text to Image: Input text to generate an image (photo or graphic)
  • Text to Audio/Video: Input text for generating media files

Based on users’ instructions, original articles of different tones and writing styles can be created with 30 seconds.

In the webinar, Shek illustrated how to create a product photo with an instruction as simple as “A wet backpack in water”:

Product photos can be generated according to different inputs of instructions.

AI Combined Applications

Shek also talked about the many possibilities of combined usage of AI, such as requesting AI to write an article, and then converting it into an audio and video. At nearly no cost, users can auto-post a video on social media with AI’s help! He also demonstrated how to convert his photo into a speaking video in the webinar.

Creating a video from a static photo with AI.

Watch the Webinar Recording Now (In Cantonese):​

About the Speaker

Picture of Shek (Shek Ka Wai) / Founder of Online Marketing Player (OMP)

Shek (Shek Ka Wai) / Founder of Online Marketing Player (OMP)

Shek is a top online marketing expert and the Founder of Online Marketing Player (OMP). Through online and offline lectures, OMP has trained over 3,000 entrepreneurs from SMEs in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Malaysia. OMP has also provided consulting services and internal training to companies such as German Pool, Yahoo, LBS Group, and Maxim's Group etc.
Shek is the author of "Inbound Marketing System”, a book ranked Top 100 bestsellers at Hong Kong’s Eslite bookstore in 2021, which serves as a clear guide to building a digital marketing system.

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